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	  abstract     = {Improving the performance of internal combustion
engines is one of the major concerns of researchers. Experimental
studies are more expensive than computational studies. Also using
computational techniques allows one to obtain all the required data
for the cylinder, some of which could not be measured. In this study,
an axisymmetric homogeneous charged spark ignition engine was
modeled. Fluid motion and combustion process were investigated
numerically. Turbulent flow conditions were considered. Standard k-
ε turbulence model for fluid flow and eddy break-up model for
turbulent combustion were utilized. The effects of valve angle on the
fluid flow and combustion are analyzed for constant air/fuel and
compression ratios. It is found that, velocities and strength of tumble
increases in-cylinder flow and due to increase in turbulence strength,
the flame propagation is faster for small valve angles.},
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