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Improved Plasmonic Demultiplexer Based on Tapered and Rectangular Slot MIM Waveguide

Authors: Aso Rahimzadegan, Seyyed Poorya Hosseini, Kamran Qaderi


In this paper, we have proposed two novel plasmonic demultiplexing structures based on metal-insulator-metal surfaces which, beside their compact size, have a very good transmission spectrum. The impact of the key internal parameters on the transmission spectrum is numerically analyzed by using the twodimensional (2D) finite difference time domain (FDTD) method. The proposed structures could be used to develop ultra-compact photonic wavelength demultiplexing devices for large-scale photonic integration.

Keywords: Plasmonics, demultiplexers, Photonic integrated devices, Metalinsulator- metal (MIM) waveguide

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