@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/6571,
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	  abstract     = {Cardiovascular human simulator can be a useful tool
in understanding complex physiopathological process in
cardiocirculatory system. It can also be a useful tool in order to
investigate the effects of different drugs on hemodynamic
parameters. The aim of this work is to test the potentiality of our
cardiovascular numerical simulator CARDIOSIM© in reproducing
flow/pressure coronary waveforms in presence of two different
drugs: Amlodipine (AMLO) and Adenosine (ADO). In particular a
time-varying intramyocardial compression, assumed to be
proportional to the left ventricular pressure, was related to the venous
coronary compliances in order to study its effects on the coronary
blood flow and the flow/pressure loop. Considering that coronary
circulation dynamics is strongly interrelated with the mechanics of
the left ventricular contraction, relaxation, and filling, the numerical
model allowed to analyze the effects induced by the left ventricular
pressure on the coronary flow.},
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