@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/3698,
	  title     = {A Bayesian Kernel for the Prediction of Protein- Protein Interactions},
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	  abstract     = {Understanding proteins functions is a major goal in
the post-genomic era. Proteins usually work in context of other
proteins and rarely function alone. Therefore, it is highly relevant to
study the interaction partners of a protein in order to understand its
function. Machine learning techniques have been widely applied to
predict protein-protein interactions. Kernel functions play an
important role for a successful machine learning technique. Choosing
the appropriate kernel function can lead to a better accuracy in a
binary classifier such as the support vector machines. In this paper,
we describe a Bayesian kernel for the support vector machine to
predict protein-protein interactions. The use of Bayesian kernel can
improve the classifier performance by incorporating the probability
characteristic of the available experimental protein-protein
interactions data that were compiled from different sources. In
addition, the probabilistic output from the Bayesian kernel can assist
biologists to conduct more research on the highly predicted
interactions. The results show that the accuracy of the classifier has
been improved using the Bayesian kernel compared to the standard
SVM kernels. These results imply that protein-protein interaction can
be predicted using Bayesian kernel with better accuracy compared to
the standard SVM kernels.},
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