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	  abstract     = {The mechanical properties including flexural and
tensile of neat vinyl ester and polymer based on layered silicate
nanocomposite materials are discussed. The addition of layered
silicate into the polymer matrix increased the tensile and flexural
modulus up to 1 wt.% clay loading. The incorporation of more clay
resulted in decreasing the mechanical properties which was traced to
the existence of aggregation layers. Likewise, up to 1 wt.% clay
loading, the thermal behaviour showed significant improvements and
at higher clay loading the thermal pattern was reduced. The
aggregation layers imparted a negative impact on the overall
mechanical and thermal properties. Wide Angle X-ray Diffraction,
Scanning Electron Microscopy and Transmission Electron
Microscopy were utilised in order to characterise the interlamellar
structure of nanocomposites.
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