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	  abstract     = {WikID is a wiki for industrial design engineers. An
important aspect for the viability of a wiki is the loyalty of the user
community to share their information and knowledge by adding this
knowledge to the wiki. For the initiators of a wiki it is therefore
important to use every aspect to stimulate the user community to
actively participate. In this study the focus is on the styling of the
website. The central question is: How could the WikID website be
visually designed to achieve a user experience which will incite the
user to actively participate in the WikID community? After a
literature study on the influencing factors of a website, a new
interface has been designed by applying the rules found, in order to
expand this website-s active user community. An online
questionnaire regarding the old or the new website gave insights in
the opinions of users. As expected, the new website was rated more
positively than the old website. However, the differences are limited.},
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