@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/10009090,
	  title     = {A Comprehensive Evaluation of Supervised Machine Learning for the Phase Identification Problem},
	  author    = {Brandon Foggo and  Nanpeng Yu},
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	  abstract     = {Power distribution circuits undergo frequent network
topology changes that are often left undocumented. As a result, the
documentation of a circuit’s connectivity becomes inaccurate with
time. The lack of reliable circuit connectivity information is one of the
biggest obstacles to model, monitor, and control modern distribution
systems. To enhance the reliability and efficiency of electric power
distribution systems, the circuit’s connectivity information must be
updated periodically. This paper focuses on one critical component of
a distribution circuit’s topology - the secondary transformer to phase
association. This topology component describes the set of phase lines
that feed power to a given secondary transformer (and therefore a
given group of power consumers). Finding the documentation of this
component is call Phase Identification, and is typically performed
with physical measurements. These measurements can take time
lengths on the order of several months, but with supervised learning,
the time length can be reduced significantly. This paper compares
several such methods applied to Phase Identification for a large
range of real distribution circuits, describes a method of training
data selection, describes preprocessing steps unique to the Phase
Identification problem, and ultimately describes a method which
obtains high accuracy (> 96% in most cases, > 92% in the worst
case) using only 5% of the measurements typically used for Phase
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