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Modeling UWSN Simulators – A Taxonomy

Authors: Rajeev Sukumaran, Christhu Raj


In this research article of modeling Underwater Wireless Sensor Network Simulators, we provide a comprehensive overview of the various currently available simulators used in UWSN modeling. In this work, we compare their working environment, software platform, simulation language, key features, limitations and corresponding applications. Based on extensive experimentation and performance analysis, we provide their efficiency for specific applications. We have also provided guidelines for developing protocols in different layers of the protocol stack, and finally these parameters are also compared and tabulated. This analysis is significant for researchers and designers to find the right simulator for their research activities.

Keywords: NS2, OPNET, desert, records, Underwater Wireless Sensor networks (UWSN), SUNSET, WOSS, Aqua- Sim, Aqua- Net Mate

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