@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/10001195,
	  title     = {T Cell Immunity Profile in Pediatric Obesity and Asthma},
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	  abstract     = {The mechanisms underlying the association between
obesity and asthma may be related to a decreased immunological
tolerance induced by a defective function of regulatory T cells
(Tregs). The aim of this study is to establish the potential link
between these diseases and CD4+, CD25+ FoxP3+ Tregs as well as T
helper cells (Ths) in children. This is a prospective case control
study. Obese (n:40), asthmatic (n:40), asthmatic obese (n:40) and
healthy children (n:40), who don't have any acute or chronic diseases,
were included in this study. Obese children were evaluated according
to WHO criteria. Asthmatic patients were chosen based on GINA
criteria. Parents were asked to fill up the questionnaire. Informed
consent forms were taken. Blood samples were marked with CD4+,
CD25+ and FoxP3+ in order to determine Tregs and Ths by flow
cytometric method. Statistical analyses were performed. p≤0.05 was
chosen as meaningful threshold. Tregs exhibiting anti-inflammatory
nature were significantly lower in obese (0,16%; p≤0,001), asthmatic
(0,25%; p≤0,01) and asthmatic obese (0,29%; p≤0,05) groups than
the control group (0,38%). Ths were counted higher in asthma group
than the control (p≤0,01) and obese (p≤0,001) groups. T cell
immunity plays important roles in obesity and asthma pathogeneses.
Decreased numbers of Tregs found in obese, asthmatic and asthmatic
obese children may help to elucidate some questions in
pathophysiology of these diseases. For HOMA-IR levels, any
significant difference was not noted between control and obese
groups, but statistically higher values were found for obese
asthmatics. The values obtained in all groups were found to be below
the critical cut off points. This finding has made the statistically
significant difference observed between Tregs of obese, asthmatic,
obese asthmatic and control groups much more valuable. These
findings will be useful in diagnosis and treatment of these disorders
and future studies are needed. The production and propagation of
Tregs may be promising in alternative asthma and obesity treatments.
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